When purchasing an item of high value, insuring the piece of jewelry is recommended.  It may cost you up front, but the long term benefits are worth it. Jewelry Insurance can be acquired in a few simple steps.The first step is to acquire a written appraisal.  All items that are sold from Baab’s Jewelry Showcase come with a complimentary appraisal that is done by GIA-certified Graduate Gemologist.  If the item is not purchased from Baab’s Jewelry Showcase, we will be happy to prepare an appraisal for you at a nominal fee(prices vary).Once you have the appraisal, the next step is to decide which company you would like to use. One popular option is to include the item under your homeowners policy. The other option is to insure the piece through a jewelry specific insurance company. The advantages of these policies are:

  • Comprehensive repair or replacement coverage that often goes beyond standard homeowners insurance and warranties
  • Protection against theft, damage, loss and even mysterious disappearance; includes worldwide travel
  • Flexibility to work with your own jeweler; no need for multiple estimates
  • Licensed agents, Gia Graduate Gemologists and American Gem Society Certified Gemologists on staff, whose passion and specialty is jewelry
  • Personal, professional assistance with every call, question or claim

A company we recommend is Jewelers Mutual. (https://www.jewelersmutual.com/protect ).  Follow the link to their website and follow the online instructions. The Jeweler code to provide here is A01533.

If you have any other questions please feel free to contact us by phone or by email.